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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey, Mom...

when are you going to pay me my allowance?
did you know that the hands on the clock in our room glow in the dark?
I need to pee (for the third time in the last half hour).
what are we going to do tomorrow?
what is that noise outside?
do you know where my Star Wars action figures are?
will Dad be home tomorrow?
will someone come over tomorrow?
when will we go to the library?
I am hot.
are we going to the pool tomorrow?
how many days before school starts?
he won't stop talking to me.
who are you talking to on the phone?
can you turn up my ceiling fan?
I am thirsty.
I can't sleep.
I am hungry.
there is a light shining in my window.

These are actual questions and statements spoken by my boys AFTER they have been put to bed. Sometimes it is hard not to SCREAM at the very top of my lungs.

Tonight is one of those nights :0)

I am trying to smile, not SCREAM...

Mrs. Nurse Boy signing off for bed. Maybe I will fall asleep before them.

1 comment:

Chaos-Jamie said...

HAhahahahahahaha!every night is one of those nights for me.