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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Nurse Boy!

It was after about a year of dating my beloved Nurse Boy when I was invited to celebrate his birthday with his family. I believe he was turning 19. Wow, we were so young! I went over to his parent's house for cake and ice cream. His mother had baked his favorite cake and the presents were wrapped. Now, this scenario is exactly how Nurse Boy might describe heaven: his mother's cake and endless stacks of presents to be unwrapped. Oh, wait... In heaven, he would not have to share his cake with his loving family. They could lick the batter bowl... maybe.
So, when his mother came into the dining room with a PINK cake ablaze with nineteen candles, I took a quick look around the room to see if this was a joke. No laughter. No giggles. Just singing.

You see, Nurse Boy is colorblind almost to the point that he doesn't see or notice color. I thought they might be having a little fun at his expense. I was wrong. Nurse Boy's favorite cake has PINK frosting. PINK!!!! This still cracks me up to this day.

Mama Nurse Boy was in town this weekend and Nurse Boy requested his favorite cake, times two. That's right, he asked her to make TWO cakes, since this is not heaven and he does have to share his PINK cake with the rest of us. He also asked for two because he believes that his mom is the only person who can bake this cake properly. Don't get me wrong, Mama Nurse Boy is an excellent cook, but she does follow a recipe when she makes the PINK cake. I think I am probably capable. Hey, one less thing for me to stress over!

So, in honor of Nurse Boy and his pink cake, I will share a picture of him with two of his very favorite things...

Happy Birthday, Nurse Boy!!! I love you, even though you insist on having a pink birthday cake.

(I think I will go celebrate with a big slice of cake while Nurse Boy is not looking. That cake may be pink, but it is good!)

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mommy4life said...

Happy Birthday! (a day late)

Angel Food is my favorite too! (Confetti, especially)