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Monday, September 22, 2008

I See the Light!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

So, I am no longer feeling so defeated when it comes to the world of potty training. I won't bore you with all of the details, but Sweet Pea is starting to get this whole peeing-and-pooping-in-the-potty thing! Oh, we aren't finished training, but I finally see the light! I have carried a diaper bag for almost NINE years straight. I might have to start lifting weights to keep my upper body strength after I get rid of the burdensome diaper bag.

Yesterday we spent the entire day away from home. When we returned home in the evening, we decided to let Sweet Pea run around the house naked. This is how Bruiser learned to do his business on the toilet. If he was naked, he never had an accident. We tried this before with Sweet Pea and she had no problem blessing my floors at any given moment. However, this weekend she seemed to comprehend what was going on with her body.

So, last night Nurse Boy and I were running around the house picking up from our busy weekend. (Oh, wait. That was just me. Nurse Boy was playing the wii with the boys.) Then, there was a knock on our screen door. I went to greet the gentleman. He was running for some political office. Next thing I know, the kids come running to see who was at the door. I ignored them in hopes of politely hurrying this gentleman away. When he was stepping down from my porch, I looked back at the kids as they were telling him goodbye.

That's when I noticed that Sweet Pea was stark naked. Naked on our front porch. Naked while I was talking to some gentleman I don't even know. Naked while proudly hollering,"Bye!" to a complete stranger.

No wonder why the neighbors think we are weird.

Even I am beginning to think we are...


Chaos-Jamie said...

You know if you admit on your blog that she's getting it, she won't pee in the potty for three days, don't you? So don't be discouraged if/when that happens. She'll jump back on the bandwagon just as soon as you are sufficiently humbled.

mommy4life said...

We can't keep our eyes on everyone, can we? The third definitely gets away with a lot the first wouldn't have.....

Mine are usually shoes on wrong feet, shirt or pants on backward, and my favorite, hanger still in shirt (and I didn't notice!!!!)