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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Am Trusting...

Mrs. Nurse Boy here. It just might be time to rename this blog. Oh, I kid. I am still holding out that Nurse Boy will return every now and again. He has been working very hard at school and that is all he has time for when he sits down at the computer.

Well, God has been preparing me for change. Mostly, He is preparing me for a new season in my family's life. One where my husband is working and going to school. One where I am stepping down from most, if not all of my leadership positions. One where I have to trust Him for finances in a way I have never had to trust Him before. One where I am going to receive from Him and others (and probably spend less time on the giving end. That might not make sense, but I understand what God is calling me to do in this area). One where He and my family come first ALL the time, no exceptions. This might sound simple, but for me it is unknown territory. He is asking me to change just about everything I feel like I have known in the past 10 years or so. I realize that I should be excited, and part of me is. The other part of me is kicking and screaming.

This morning I went to a meeting with a group of Christian women. I didn't know a soul. I really felt the enemy trying to keep me from attending, but I pressed on. I found myself in a welcoming place, full of a lot of women feeling the same way I felt...vulnerable. Twice this morning, God used various ways to tell me to TRUST Him with ALL my heart. Of course I want to trust him, but my flesh was uncertain. I obeyed and was blessed. Duh, right? I now feel encouraged in a way I did not this morning. Oh, don't get me wrong, this whole "change" thing is not over and I am sure I will end up on the floor kicking and screaming again later this week or even this afternoon. I can be a slow learner. But, God is faithful, even when I am not.

So, to summarize this morning? I met some amazing women that I hope to get to know on a deeper level. I am believing that God is going to show me His plans for me during the next couple of years as we trust in Him to continue to reveal the future He has planned for our family and each individual member.

Something that came out at the meeting was what our children do when we are not looking. More specifically, when we are in the restroom. Seriously, what mom gets to close the door when she is on the pot? (Oh, I know I am airing my dirty laundry.) I don't think I have been allowed to visit the restroom alone since 1999. OK, I might be exaggerating a bit. But, the very moment I shut the door, there is a crisis... one with much kicking, screaming, crying, etc. Heaven help me if I actually LOCK the door.

I know my kids come by it honestly. I used to ask my poor father questions every time he scrambled to the restroom. I did this through high school. I even remember thinking that he was quite grumpy about answering questions when he was on the pot. I mean, my question was very important and obviously couldn't wait! Now, I realize IT COULD HAVE WAITED!!! So sorry, Dad!

Don't you worry, Papa, your three grand kids are paying me back on a daily basis...

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Chaos-Jamie said...

Interesting. I did the same thing this morning. But I left a bit more cynical. I guess that means you are holier than me...but we knew that, didn't we? ;)