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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sew Cute

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

My brother's mother in law (did you follow that?) made this adorable dress for Sweet Pea. Oh, and she made the purse. I do realize they don't match. They were made on completely separate occasions. She is two. Matching is not her strong suit.

Is this dress not the most adorable thing? Ruth is a very talented woman!

I admire a woman who can sew. I won't say I wish I could sew, because I simply do not have the patience. Or, maybe it is the confidence. In middle school, my home economics teacher told me I had a heavy foot. She also said I was hopeless...at least that is what I saw in her eyes. She didn't have to say it. My mom later enrolled me in some summer sewing class. And, since that was what all the cool kids were doing... oh, wait. NONE of the cool kids were in there. Thus all of the kicking and screaming I did every morning on my way to the "world of nerds." Those were my own words. I was awful at sewing and saw NO value in it. NONE. My mom reluctantly let me quit and I hung out with the "cool kids" at the pool that summer.

So, now I have to inspect my moles every month (curse you skin cancer!) and I can't even sew a button back onto a shirt. Oh, I kid not. I really do not sew buttons. Nurse Boy does. My grandmother used to hem the kid's clothes and take care of any and all loose buttons. When she passed away, I think we found a stack of my family's clothes in her bedroom waiting for her attention. Boy do I miss you, Grammy! My mom just doesn't have the same patience for my inability to sew. I simply cannot imagine why.

Oh, to be in the "world of nerds" now. They suddenly don't seem nerdy at all! I think the word is ... talented.


Imperfect Mom said...

If it makes you feel any better, the cost of fabric has become SO INSANE that many, many, many times it's just as cheap to buy ready-to-wear items.

My mother was a home-ec teacher. It is not unusual for me to call her on a Saturday and ask what she's doing, only for her to tell me she decided to "redo the couch". There are times she has redone the couch more then once in a year.

She made all of our formal gowns. The bridesmaid dresses for our weddings. Her own wedding dress.

Even SHE doesn't sew as much because of the cost of fabric.

I can sew. I don't sew. I own a machine and occasionally use it to hem something or fix a loose seem. I rarely make anything (though I will make curtains/valances). I lack the patience required.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Look at YOU all pretty in a photo!