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Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Defeated

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

If you know me personally (which all 3 of you do), than you know just how much I HATE potty training. No, I LOATHE potty training. Really, truly LOATHE. Honestly, Nurse Boy and I even had this on our "pros and cons list for having another child." And we wrote it down about 20 times on the con list. It might have been the only con, but it should have been a red flashing sign. It wasn't. That must be why we have Sweet Pea.

There are some things I am good at when it comes to parenting. Potty Training is NOT one of those things.

OK, so don't get me wrong. I obviously love Sweet Pea dearly. But, why is it that I can send my kids to a school or a camp for just about anything, but NO ONE WILL POTTY TRAIN my child for me? Right now I am almost certain she will go to college in a Dora pull up. I wonder if they will change her pull up for her when she is taking the SAT's to get into college? After all, I never saw potty trained listed as a requirement or a prerequisite when applying to all of the schools of my dreams.

That being said, I was CERTAIN that both Dimples and Bruiser were going to attend kindergarten in Spiderman pull ups. They didn't. It was a miracle from the good Lord above, I tell you!

But, I am afraid that He just might be done divvying out miracles to the "Nurse" family.

Last week, I got serious. I made potty training fun. We read books about pottys (is that even a real word?). We looked at pictures of pottys. We sat on pottys. We sang about pottys. We watched videos about pottys. We even watched family members on the potty. It was a week of pottys!

We also peed and pooped our pants. Sweet Pea won't do anything on the potty.



Can I quit now?


mommy4life said...

There is definitely money to be made here. If someone opened a "potty boot camp".....

Of course that would mean that the person would have to have a serious success rate to drive business, and I don't know ANYONE who hasn't struggled with this. In fact, it's my worst nightmare and yet we had the 4th when we were done with diapers and pullups and accidents....

Doesn't make me look too smart, does it?

Imperfect Mom said...

I was the world's worse potty trainer. It simply didn't register on my radar screen until it got to the point where society would point at me (had they known).

I think AM was four before I started? I am not typically laid back, but I figured I didn't know any highschool seniors in Pull-Ups, so he'd get it eventually. I don't know why it didn't bother me, but it didn't.

That said, I have no intention of waiting that long with this one.

You could always try the "make her clean up the mess"-tactic. I've heard it works well.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I used to have all the answers. I no longer have pride in this area. (the refining process is a doozy)

Hang in there. Apparently my niece wasn't interested until her BFF came over and pottied. She's been in thin cotton undies every since. (yes, I did want to crawl, blubbering, under a rock and cry)

That wasn't helpful at all, was it? You have that situation nearly every other day. Hmmm.