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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

So, have you ever been out shopping and noticed a car with one of its doors wide open in the parking lot? I mean, who does that?! I always wander over to the car (which is usually a mini van) and mumble something about an idiot under my breath while I close the door for them.

The other day I ran to the grocery store with the boys to pick up a few items. (You already know where this is going, don't you?!) I took the boys in hopes that Sweet Pea would nap and Nurse Boy could work on school stuff without anyone climbing on his back in hopes of some wrestle mania. I actually had to bribe the boys with suckers to get them to willingly go with me. That's right, I am not above bribery. Judge me all you want, but when in a pinch it works.

We pulled up to the store and marched right in. Boys. Suckers. Mom. (I know. Who is the real sucker, right?) We ran through the store at a very rapid pace. One thing about being a mom is we can fill our cart faster than a speeding bullet. With kids, or without. It is a super power given to us once the baby is placed in our arms. Honestly, sometimes I amaze even myself!

We did hit a snag when we got to the check out and the clerk started talking to me. I mean, they don't usually even make eye contact with me! Of course, it is when I am in a hurry that they actually show some customer service. As well, they should. I don't even want to think about the percentage of our annual income that goes to that store! Scary!

But, I digress.

The clerk started asking me about potty training. OH. YES. HE. DID. If only he read this blog, he would have known that is a very sore subject with me. He wanted advice for his three year old. I said, "PRAY! PRAY HARD!"

He looked frightened, as well he should have.

I digress again.

We raced out of the store. Then I see it. A mini van with the side door wide open. What kind of idiot leaves...

Oh, wait...

That is OUR minivan!

I am that idiot!


mommy4life said...

Ouch! Humble pie doesn't taste very good, I know!

Imperfect Mom said...

Somebody probably has a keyless remote on the same frequency as your's. So you didn't leave the door open, it inadvertently opened when they hit their button.

It's happened with my garage door *clears throat* so I'm sure it can happen with your van door.

Nurse Boy said...

Oh, I wish! We don't have keyless remote...or, keyless anything. It is a '99. That is why it was still there waiting for us...that and all of the trash floating around the seats and floor boards.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Ha! I'd think it was Michael at Hy-Vee except he HAS to be too old for a 3 year old. That man talks on and on and on. He drones more than I do. Egad. And always with the politics. And guess which side of the fence he's on. Not mine, I'll tell you that much.

I once came out of the pool after TWO HOURS to my open (but locked) van with MY PURSE INSIDE. I tell you, people must take one look at the trash and assume that there's no hope for good pickins. Thank God for that one.