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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cluck, Cluck!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

One of Nurse Boy's favorite movies is Forrest Gump. It is a classic. Besides the whole, "Life is like a box of chocolates...," my favorite scene was when they were talking about all of the different ways shrimp can be prepared. Don't remember the scene? Well, the man just rambles on and on forever naming shrimp dishes.

What is my point? I can do that with chicken.

We eat chicken most nights. My kids hate ground beef and are willing to tolerate chicken. Chicken is good for us, versatile, and affordable. I try to prepare it various ways, in hopes that noone will tire of it. I have come to the realization that my list of chicken recipes goes on and on and on and on. Most nights the kids will ask what's for dinner. I always answer chicken. Not missing a beat, they demand, "What kind of chicken?'

I still have a point.

Starting this Friday, I will begin hosting Friday Fare. I will share one chicken recipe each Friday. Hopefully, I can put some chicken on your table too!

Starting next week I will also share a special post each Monday entitled Monday's Random Musings. Not as catchy, I know.

You may have noticed that I have taken over Nurse Boy's blog. He has promised he will be back when school and work are seemingly light. He will join me when he can, but for now I will just make myself at home.


Boy Mom said...

Reminded me of lat night at dinner. #1, 17 years old now, was remembering a fancy restaurant we took him to as a very young child.

"It was so fancy, with real napkins and I remember that I ordered chicken nuggets."

Adorable Hubby and I laughed pretty hard. The kid ate nothing but chicken nuggets from 2 years to 15 years.

Looking forward to Friday Fare.

Dawn said...

Can't wait. I never cook because I'm lazy, but maybe this will motivate me. If I'm even feeling really crazy, I may cook enough for my husband (even though I'm sure he'd rather have another Lean Cuisine)!