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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Romantic Getaway?

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

This year I have finally decided to get involved in a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. It has been enjoyable. Each week they "spotlight" a mom in the group. This basically means they ask you a few questions about yourself and post them in the newsletter in hopes of learning more about one another.

This past week I was the spotlight mom. One of the questions frightened me. Something about my favorite thing about myself. How do you answer that? I went with the whole, "I am a loyal wife and friend." True statement. And, a trait I deeply desire in all of the people I surround myself with. It just felt like a weird question.

One of the other questions brought back some funny memories. They asked me how I would spend a day if I did not have any responsibilities or obligations. I said that I would steal away for 24 hours at a bed and breakfast with my Nurse Boy. We do try to get away once or twice a year for a mere 24 hours. It does wonders for us to reconnect, eat a few meals in peace, and SLEEP IN. We return better parents and spouses.

Last year, my parents gifted us a night at a bed and breakfast in a quaint town on the outskirts of the city. Once we checked in, we knew right away that this may not have been the romantic getaway we were looking for. The owner was an older, single lady. Friendly enough, but think lonely, old cat lady. Only, she had a yappy, little dog that was her pride and joy. We soon discovered that this house was not quite the "mansion" she had advertised. It was her childhood home that she just couldn't part with, yet needed to turn it into a business in order to pay the mortgage.

It was a little creepy walking through that house. She had kind of made it into a museum or memorial to several generations of her family. Each room was decorated, I mean saturated, with very random items from her parents, aunts, uncles, etc. Many of the items were not necessarily items you would normally put out on display and dust around. One bedroom, thankfully not the one we stayed in, had her mother's numerous purses hanging on several of the walls for display. Purses. Not even very exciting purses. Although, I don't really find purses to be very exciting unless they are on some one's shoulder and are worthy of carrying all my crap...I mean stuff. She also had hairbrushes and combs carefully on display on an antique dresser. OK, that is just creepy. Some dead woman's comb and brush with some leftover hair. When I die, I hope my family will pitch my comb and brush. But, not my Chi. I love that thing. Maybe they should keep that out on display.

She had stuff EVERY WHERE in this not-so-big-house. Antique fur coats were even hanging on hooks as part of the decorations. I don't even remember our room's decor. I think I blocked it out of my mind. We felt like we were staying at grandma's house and she and her dog could walk into the room at any given moment with some homemade cookies and fresh milk. It wasn't quite what we were looking for. We had three kids and a cat at home. We were looking for a quiet, relaxing evening. Prior to our checking in, she also boasted about our private, luxurious bathroom. Apparently, private means down a very long, very public hallway. Luxurious just meant no kids or cats, but maybe a small yappy dog.

Even this little town was filled with antiques (which were beautiful) stuffed in small locally owned stores. We did have fun doing a little shopping and eating at a local Italian restaurant. However, everywhere we turned, we found ourselves in small, tight spaces. When we returned to our "home" for the night, Nurse Boy had just about had it. He said he was beginning to feel like a giant. He felt like he couldn't stretch out his arms, or he just might break something. I am pretty sure he was right. I WAS certain he was going to break something everywhere we went that night. (And, I wonder where my boys get it from...)

We tried to make the best of the situation and spent most of the evening laughing about where we were. It wasn't romantic, but it WAS memorable! When we went to bed, we suddenly noticed that the heat was turned up to around 85. 85! I felt like I was in a sauna. Nurse Boy tried to open the windows. They were locked in a way that I've never seen before. There was NO opening those things. Grandma and her dog had been sound asleep for several hours by now. I kind felt like we might be the next morning's breakfast.

The next morning I couldn't wait to return to my home. The organized chaos was a blessing to come home to.

A night at a bed and breakfast? $100. A romantic dinner out? $50. Memories to last a lifetime? Priceless.

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Boy Mom said...

Love preschool mommy groups.

Hate stuffy bed and breakfasts with crazy old ladies running them. We had almost the same experience, except the yappy little dog was her poor husband and her shtick was warning newly weds that it's not all fun and games @@.

How goes the new church?

I'm putting you on my blog roll if that's ok.