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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Thoughts...That's All I Got Today

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

*Yesterday, Nurse Boy and I purchased a bedroom set fit for our Princess. I CAN'T WAIT to decorate her room! She has spent the past 2 1/2 years in Bruiser's old room. Bears and all. It is time for pink, pink, and more pink. I wonder if I can hot glue lace to the ceiling? Just a thought...

*Sweet Pea woke up with a stomach virus today. She needed her daddy. Mommy isn't the nurse in this house. I tried my best.

*It is official. My boys have turned into slobs, as is evident by their room and the playroom. I hope they come home from school ready for some marathon cleaning!

*Nurse Boy and I are going to a Gary Smalley Marriage Conference this weekend (provided everyone is healthy). I can't wait to spend time with Nurse Boy and just focus on our marriage.

*I think I may see some gray hairs on my head. Shh...don't tell me if you have noticed. I am making a hair appointment as soon as I sign off of here.

*Why must my 2 year old stick her finger up her nose EVERY TIME someone in public shows her some attention?! So embarrassing!

*I REALLY want to simplify Christmas this year and keep the focus on Jesus. I pledge to do this every year. I think I fail at this every year.

*I also pledge to not eat too much during the holiday season...need I say more? Man, I LOVED it when I was pregnant during the holiday season. It just didn't seem to matter when it looked like you already had a turkey in your "oven." Those were the days. Except for all the morning sickness, sleepless nights...never mind. I'll just watch what I eat.

*Soccer season is officially over. Honestly, I am sad. I love watching my little men run around the field while their Dad hollers at (I mean encourages) them.

*I have really enjoyed talking politics with Dimples. I have been able to stay positive and remind him that our government is not our savior and that the Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. It has kept everything in the proper prospective for me.

*Man, my kids keep me humble. I love that! Who can get too full of themselves when you have someone vomiting on you? Not I!

Time to call the hairdresser...I don't want to be too humble.


Mrs Lemon said...

I was pregnant last year at holidays, and sadly my craving was anything BUT desserts! seriously - my step mil made a from scratch red velvet cake, and I couldn't even choke it down. So depressing.

I'm making up for that this year.

Boy Mom said...

So jealous, i love my boys but can't convince any of them to make my dreams come true and let me decorate a pink girl room.