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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Princess!

And I don't mean my daughter. I have often joked about how Sweet Pea is always going to have the best of the best and my two older boys will get whatever is left. Well, it is no longer a joke. It has become a reality. My wife grew up with the dream of becoming a princess. She handed that tiara over to Sweet Pea as soon as she found out she was a girl. I have always joked that we are going to buy a cheap, used, moderately reliable car for the boys when they start to drive. Sweet Pea gets a new Beamer.

I thought I was joking.

Today we took possession of a bedroom set that we recently purchased. It is the nicest furniture that we own. Did it go to the master for Mrs. NB whose birthday is tomorrow? No! Did it go to the boys who both are celebrating a birthday this month? No! We spent all of our money on Sweet Pea, who does not have a birthday until April. We went to "look" at bedroom sets last week. We went looking many times. I don't know why the combination of my grown princess and my little princess is so powerful, but it is. They are like Jedi (I think Jedi is its own plural). Anyway, my little princess is sleeping on and among the nicest furniture in this house and she knows she has me where she wants me. I feel sorry for her future husband.

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mommy4life said...

We have 3 princesses who have their daddy just where they want him. I didn't know he could be wrapped around three people's fingers at once.....