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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Girl

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

We have spent numerous Sunday nights taking our kiddos to church to practice for the annual Christmas program. As most of you know, this church is new to us. Rumor has it this program is something to behold. It is very organized and the kids have to practice at home every week.

The boys are having the time of their lives and they can't wait to get on the stage. They know their parts and eagerly practice each week.

Sweet Pea is another story all together.

She is only two and a half, but she has me a little worried. Yes, she does "practice" her song in class every Sunday night. We have been instructed to have them dressed in their Sunday best on the day of the production. Since she is our only girl, you can bet that I will have her in glitter from head to toe. Hey, a girl has to shine! And, I have had my fair share of ties. Handsome... yes. Show stopping...NO.

I digress. I am just a little excited about the holiday dresses.

The other day we were "practicing" her song. She sang NOT ONE WORD. She smiled. She picked her nose. She lifted her dress. She did a little dance, without rhythm of any kind. (She takes after her dad... with her rhythm, I mean.)

It frightens me.

I am afraid that this year it is going to be MY child on the stage that everyone says, "I feel sorry for HER mom. Thank goodness that isn't my child up there."

At least she will look cute, right?!


Boy Mom said...

Bring a camera, the nose pickin' dress over the head, dancers are the best!

Can't wait to see the pictures.

mommy4life said...

The parents that are horrified are always approached later saying how cute their children were. Take for example the little boy who started a fight with another sheep on stage two years ago (I wonder who that was?....)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Oh, don't I LOVE to watch those moments...just as long as it is NOT my child ;0)

Jewel said...

I LOOOOVE watching the little kids! People don't expect them to stand still or do anything right! That's the enjoyment of watching them!!! Our son went up on platform with his shirttail hanging out from under his little suit jacket, his tie crooked and coming off (it was a clip on). But it is one of our fondest memories!