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Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Journey

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

A few weeks ago I discussed our difficult decision to find a new church home for our family. God is calling us somewhere else. It has been a time of growth and reflection for all of us. Today I want to share what God has done for our family while we have floundered outside of our comfort zone.

Nurse Boy and I have rediscovered our passion for marriage ministry. We believe we have a calling on our lives to serve in this area at some point in our marriage. Hey, we know it could be many years from now, but we need some tools and mentoring in the mean time. We have always joked that it may just be licking envelopes for Gary Smalley, but we are hoping for more than that. It has been such a blessing to experience God re-sparking that passion in us. I'm not sure where it had gone, but I am so thankful it was not lost. ( Of course, I am speaking about our passion for the marriage MINISTRY. We have always made our OWN marriage a priority.)

God has shown us that this is also a time of growth for our family. Oh no, I DO NOT mean any more babies. Been there, done that, have a house full of kids. I mean spiritual growth. We are taking this opportunity to show, discuss, and share what we are trusting God to do for our family with the kids. We are believing that God has a plan and a new church for our family. Sharing with the kids our prayers, our desires, and our faith in God to provide for us is a wonderful opportunity. It is important for the kids to understand that it is difficult for ALL of us. We ALL want to learn, grow, and make new friends.

It is just like God to take a difficult experience and make it a blessing. So often we don't share the challenging things life throws at us with the kids. When we are facing something stressful, we often protect the kids. However, it is good to share some of those things that we are trusting God to provide. They will get to share in the testimony when we get to the other side of this journey.

We have jumped outside of our comfort zone. Do you know how scary that is?! Do you know how much it is rebuilding our faith?! All we can do is trust Him. It is so hard and such a blessing all at the same time.

Thank you, Lord, for this journey. We will continue to seek you in all we do!

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mommy4life said...

Love the new blog look! Mrs. Nurse Boy's influence I suspect.....