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Monday, November 2, 2009

ABC's of My Life

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Shana tagged me a few weeks back in a fun ABC list. I am just now getting caught up and have finally gotten around to joining in on the fun!

A - Age: 35... YIKES!

B - Bed size: Queen... the perfect size!

C - Chore you hate: Laundry and Bathrooms... duh!

D - Dog's name: No dogs since boy #2... Hey, I've got my hands FULL!

E - Essential start your day item: My friend, the snooze button

F - Favorite color: Blue

G - Gold or Silver: Silver ALL. THE. WAY, baby!

H - Height: 5'3", on a good day ;0)

I - I am: still in love with my husband!

J - Job: Mom to my kiddos and part time preschool teacher (12 whooping hours a week)

K - Kids: 3

L - Living arrangements: Blessed to own our home... well the bank still does, but whatever ;0)

M - Mom's name: Phyllis

N - Nicknames: MOM

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Gallbladder--JOY!

P - Pet Peeve: Nurse Boy's driving-- Yeah, I'm gonna pay for that one!

Q - Quote from a movie: I couldn't remember one if my life depended on it!

R - Right or left handed: right

S - Siblings:1 younger brother

T - Time you wake up: By 7 am, YUCK!

U- Underwear: YES!

V - Vegetable you dislike: beets and Lima beans-- Does anyone really like Lima beans?!

W - Ways you run late: I always blame it on the kids... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

X - X-rays you've had: My tailbone, 7th grade, don't ask...

Y - Yummy food you make: Baked ziti and apple pie

Z - Zoo favorite: I have no idea. How about anything behind a thick, glass wall?

I think I am suppose to tag someone, but I know a lot of you have already done this. So, how about letting me know in my comments if you want to play along?


Mummy McTavish said...

oooh, I want to play... can you remind me later? LOL. I'll try to remember to do this once I plough through the bunch of other birthday related posts I have lined up in my mind... I must make everyone aware of EVERY.TINY.DETAIL of our week.

Kmama said...

When you type "Don't ask" it just begs the question. Come on now, sounds like a True Story Tuesday that you can link up to Rachel and Mr. Daddy!!

Emily said...

I'm with Kmama!
And, actually, lima beans are that bad! :)

Rachel said...

LOL! Kmama stole my comment! :) Now we NEED to know the tailbone story... pretty please?!?!

And I was starting to get worried about your answers... sure seemed like I could have answered most of the questions the same! Well, except that the Yummy Food You Make part would have been more like "Yummy Food You Wish You Could Make".

Soo... the story, and the ziti recipe please? :)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Loved reading all about you...

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Lima beans...yuk.


Chores I hate? Dishes and cleaning the toilets, which I rarely do because I procrastinate and hubby finally does them while sighing and rolling his eyes.

Lauren said...

I like lima beans! And I love the snooze button!

Suz said...

Oh no TMI. Now we can never be friends, I like beets and LIMA beans!!!!!!

JK, I'll over look the difference in food tastes. I like them, however I rarely eat them. How about brussel sprouts, or oh never mind.

Silver, YES!!!

I love knowing that there are other genetically late people out there who blame their children.

Fun, send me a tag. Maybe I give it a shot.



Boy Mom said...

Love getting to know you better!

Everything I learn just makes me want to move east. Just don't tell Suz ;)

Mother Mayhem said...

Um... How tall are you on a BAD day? :o)