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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monday's Random Musings


Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

I am finding my way out of the piles of candy to post this. Maybe next I can find my way to the treadmill. Here's hoping that a few hours on that bad boy can erase a couple, OK, several Almond Joys. Man, do I love those things! If they are wrong, I am afraid I just don't want to be right. The amount of candy we are housing over here is ridiculous! I think it is going to find its way to a better, safer home very soon. One where I do not reside!

On to my randomness so I can burn some calories and rid my home of sugar...

~ "My forehead is squishy!" (Sweet Pea's contribution this week. Fitting, huh? I know. I should be so proud! You can tell she is a prodigy just from that one quote, can't you? I blame her father.)

~Nurse Boy always says that he can tell she is a girl by the way she talks to herself. All. The. Time.

~I would normally roll my eyes at that one but I often find myself in public places, like the post office or the grocery store, talking to myself. OUT LOUD. Yeah, it is kind of hard to play that off.

~It is not good to visit someone who just had a C-section and make them laugh. Repeatedly. How come Nurse Boy and I always forget that?

~It is good to go visit and take in that baby smell!! I miss that smell. And, those fuzzy little heads. And, the sweet cries...

~Sweet Pea wants a baby brother now. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. Mama is finally getting 8 hours of sleep every night. And, let us not forget that I now clip the Huggies coupons for OTHER PEOPLE.

~I do not miss the diapers. Nope. Not one bit.

~Do these just scream fall or what? YUM! Nurse Boy ventured into the Russell Stover's store a few weeks ago and left with these. They were AMAZING!

~On Saturday, Dimples and I were driving down the highway when we spotted the most incredible sight EVER. We saw a man riding on his motorcycle with a Batman costume on. I spotted him in my rear view mirror. I could see his bat ears and his cap flowing behind him. It really was cool. So cool, that I missed my turn.

~Can you tell that I am a mom of boys? Hey, for a moment, even I thought Batman just might be real. It was a fun thought...

~Here is a picture of my Mad Scientist, Peyton Manning of the Colts, and my sweet little Ladybug!

~And this, my friends, is a ladybug who fell fast asleep after a yummy chocolate bar! How precious is that?!
~Lastly, I loved my extra hour of sleep with regard to Daylight Savings, but this pitch black sky at 5:30 P.M. STINKS!
Happy Monday everyone... and, PUT DOWN THE CANDY!


Brandi said...

I. CAN'T. DO. IT. If it's here, I'll eat it... thankfully, we didn't get a single Almond Joy. My second weakness is Peanut M&M's and we got plenty of those.

The kids' costumes are great!

I hate the time change... last night we ate dinner, had baths, and everyone was in their pj's by 5:30. It was dark and we were like okay what do we do now? By 7:00 we were all ready to go to sleep... which means everyone was up at 6:00 this morning. Yippie (and by yippie, I mean it totally stinks)!

Happy Monday! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

They all look so cute in their costumes. stay away from the candy...but it is so hard. Yes, the darkness at 5:30 pm is very hard to take. On a positive note...for the next few days I will be on time for things. LOL

Kmama said...

What great costumes!

Thankfully I don't have a total sweet tooth for chocolate candy, because that is pretty much all we received. Now, if there were skittles and starburst, I would be all over it.

I hate the time change. I hate leaving work in the dark. It's a real downer.

Boy Mom said...

I was loudly proclaiming that Halloween should always be on Saturday until I awoke Sunday morning to candy wrappers, discarded costumes and sugar hyped kids at church.

Gotta Love it!

Love the costumes!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love the costumes!

Shana said...

Ok, so are you gonna mail one of those apples to me?!?! Man those look good. I love the costumes and don't worry I talk to myself too lol.

Michelle said...

No, it's not very nice to make someone laugh after a c-section. I've been there twice! The laughing is enjoyable, the pain in the belly - not so much!

That picture of sweet pea sleeping is just precious! I love the kids' costumes. How creative!

I have my random post up today! Yay!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Two comments.

1. It was batman's cape that was flowing behind him. If I were a good husband I would just change it, but I am not so I am making fun of you instead.

2. You can just say he was Payton Manning the greatest football player ever. You don't have to say which team because if they don't know, they don't deserve to know.


Emily said...

Oh she is precious!! And oh how I dream of those diaper free days...will they ever come!? (Although then I'll be crying b/c my babies will be all grown up!)

Suz said...

Love the WARM ladybug costume, She is so cute!

Shoudn't the Mr. be doing homework instead of correcting your blog?

Good luck shedding the candy. I too have to bump up the excerising after the holiday.



Jewel said...

I depleted the supply of fun-size Snickers while visiting with my nephew Saturday afternoon where he was passing out candy to the little T or T's! :-)
I'm not much into sweets, but I've never been known to pass up a Snickers! Yum! :-)
Your children are so adorable! Love the pictures you share, Mrs. NB!!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Putting the photos of those carmel apples or whatever they were was really cruel!

And I talk to myself all the time. In the office I'm the only one there for quite awhile and I'm always talking to my computer and myself, usually calling myself "stupid" or "an idiot." Then when my co-workers come in later in the day (they work into the night) I still talk to myself and don't realize it until they say "What?" Yeah, I'm a loon too. Shh...don't tell Hubby I admitted that.

Mother Mayhem said...

Chocolate does that to me too. ;o)

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

Okay, so Almond Joys are a HUGE weakness for me. Love them like crazy. And those bite size ones - I'll eat like 10 at a time without blinking. Yum.
There's something wrong with talking to myself in public? Oops.
NO.MORE.BABIES.FOR.ME. either. I'm still only averaging 4 hours of sleep a night. Yep. Lovely.
Batman on a motorcycle is AWESOME!
And, love the costumes. The mad scientist is very cool!