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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fare!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

WOW! It is finally Friday. You know, I couldn't wait to get all the kids home for the summer and now I am looking for camps and VBS's to send them to. You knew I would change my mind, didn't you?

Yeah, me too.

But, we are keeping busy and we even had a garage sale yesterday. We plan to finish it up next weekend. Why, next weekend, you ask?

Because this weekend is only my FAVORITE weekend of the year!

It is Old Shawnee Days and I LOVE it. We kick the weekend off with a parade and candy first thing Saturday morning and spend the rest of the weekend eating healthy foods like funnel cakes and kettle korn. Then we ride those scary rides that travel around our fair state and get put up in a couple of hours.

OK, I don't ride them. My kids do. And, I am not sure what that says about my parenting. Don't tell me, either.

The thought of this weekend brings tears to this mama's eyes. I hope they remember the first weekend of June as one of their favorites years from now. However, they will probably remember it as the weekend that Mom MADE them go to Old Shawnee Days and walk through the craft booths. I do love me some craft booths. LOVE THEM!

But, first we need to eat a healthy meal to offset the nachos and slushies. Not too mention Dippin Dots, turkey drumsticks, and fried Snickers bars. (Oh, I am just kidding about the fried Snickers, because THAT would be gross and clog some arteries.) So, how about a yummy salad with...you guessed it...chicken. (If you didn't guess it, you are new here. Welcome. I hope you like chicken!)

I threw this little salad together for the first time a couple of months ago. We love it and eat it often!

Mrs. Nurse Boy's Chicken Spinach Salad


Fresh Spinach

Grilled Chicken--or cooked however you like!

Sliced Strawberries

Feta Cheese

Sliced Mushrooms

Nuts--Sunflower Seeds or Walnuts or Honey Roasted Walnuts (which I found at WalFart)

Light Raspberry Vinaigrette (Or any other sweet dressing)

Mix ingredients together and enjoy! This stuff really is yummy!!!

We are off for some fun and tummy aches! Have an awesome weekend!


momstheword said...

Have fun cos it sounds like it'll be a blast!

Hope you poor hubby finds a donor for the couch, lol!

Brandi said...

Yummy! My husband makes a similar salad, but adds avocado. The fair sounds like a great time! Y'all have fun! :-)

Tiffany said...

You are making me so hungry - but not for the yummy, healthy spinach chicken salad (although it does look yummy and I'll probably throw one together this week) but I seriously NEED a funnel cake or elephant ear and some ice cream and maybe a candy apple? Oh, and popcorn, definitely popcorn. And possibly some - oh, heck, I'd probably try the fried Snickers at least once just to say I had! And CRAFT booths, too! Oh, stinkin' heaven for sure!!!!

Hmmm, I wonder why I can't lose any weight? Good thing I don't have this to go to in my neighborhood this weekend! Hope you enjoyed!

Suz said...

It is our city celebration also, kick ed off today with a 5k, did run this year,bummer( I have a gluetal injury). The carni starts Wed.

The salad looks great. Do you got and Bosc pears out that way? They are great addition to any salad.

Take care.

Boy Mom said...

Yum, I could live on spinach salad! Suz is right pears are a great addition!

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

I missed this one. How did I do that? I have no idea. I was probably chasing my toddler away from the toaster, which he is currently obsessed with, and telling him "no! no! Don't push the button you could set the house on fire!" and therefore missed this post and this yummy recipe. I am making a collection of your recipes. Will I cook them? Um...probably not, but I will collect them!