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Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Well, it is Monday...ALREADY. Is it just me, or do the weekends go by faster and faster the older you get? Not that I am getting old. Nope. I still think I am 25. Until I look in the mirror. But, I am still well under 40 and I am staying here. I remember giving my mom a tombstone cake for her 40th birthday. I thought I was SOOOOO funny. Yeah, right. I was hilarious. Man, I don't want my payback for that one.

OK, I am getting ahead of my own random thoughts. That previous one was a bonus. Or a plea to pray for my mother since she has to put up with a daughter like me. I'll let you decide.

Alright. My random thoughts and reflections:

**I am really starting to hate summer for the simple reason that my hair wants to FRIZZ. Yeah, it is real attractive. Outdoor weddings are my worst nightmare.

**We did go to a wedding the other week. Without the kids. (Can I get a "Hallelujah"?) Nurse Boy and I counted it as a date. We ended up sitting at a table where we were considered the "young whipper snappers." (Whatever those are...) Honestly, we would have heard more of the wedding toasts if we had been sitting with all 3 of our kids. Fred and Ethel kept shouting back and forth: "Who is toasting the couple?" "Oh, he must be the bride's father." " What is he saying?" We just smiled while we were forced to listen to their conversation, rather than the emotional toasts honoring the newly married couple.

**Man, it is so much easier to quiet someone down if you can threaten bodily harm just by giving "the look." Not that we would ever do that.

**Speaking of growing old, we took the kids to see the Disney/Pixar movie, UP! Oh. My. Word. I loved that movie. However, I was not prepared to cry as much as I did. The ugly cry was trying to rear it's ugly head several times. It was such a sweet, clean movie. And, it made me think about growing old with Nurse Boy.

**Man, I should have been more patient with Fred and Ethel.

**I have been trying to keep the kids entertained this summer. Do any of you ever feel like it is never enough? The busier our day, the more they seem to expect the next day. I think I need a nanny. Not to mention a maid. Oh, and a cook. It is not easy keeping them all entertained, fed, and in clean clothes.

**We won't even talk about the state of my kitchen or carpets. No, we will not.

**Nurse Boy is taking a summer class and it is keeping him very busy. I am so proud of him. Is it wrong that I am also thrilled it isn't me who is currently in school?

**Since I am not working (outside of the home) or going to school (studying anything above 4th grade level), maybe I should go take care of my kitchen and the carpets.

Then again, maybe I SHOULD go back to school...


Brandi said...

Absolutely! We'll have a super fun, super busy day and then the next day it's like it never happened . . . they just want more, more, more. They suck the energy right out of me!

Kari said...

You have me laughing again!!! My daughter, after 4 long years of giving her the look without it phasing her - has finally caught on that if she reacts and obeys me because of 'the look' then she won't get 'the hand' - not that I would ever do that ;o)
I need a staff too. Really.
I won't ask about your kitchen or floors if you don't ask about mine, deal?!
Have a fun day!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

You said "I think I need a nanny". Do you need the nanny, or do your children need a nanny?
Just wondering.

Tiffany said...

Okay - First - let's go to school. You said you wanted to, right? Okay, maybe that's not exactly what you said but let the country mouse educate the city mouse ;o)

Whippersnapper: "Though 'whippersnapper' originally referred to a young man with no visible ambition, the term has changed somewhat over the years, and today is more likely to be applied to a youngster with an excess of both ambition and impertinence."

So, not the most endearing term by definition; however, mostly used in an endearing way. Make sense?

And Amen to everything else! Love your Monday Random Musings! And, btw, I hate summer hair frizz, too!

Kim said...

I just had my carpets cleaned. Oh, what a feeling. I just couldn't take looking at the stains any more.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You can be 25 if I can be 175 pounds.


Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

It can be hard to entertain them every day, yes, but then again, I have a 2-year old who goes to a sitter four hours a day, so that helps. But at night....ugh...after a full-day of work, I do find it hard to entertain.

Sorry about Fred and Ethel. My parents did that when they were in their 40s though, so brace yourselves. It will happen to you too! :-)

Mummy McTavish said...

What??? you mean you AREN'T going to make each day progressively more exciting until the last day when you take them to Disneyland and let them eat nothing but fairy floss and then not make them go to bed if they don't want to? Man, you are such mean parents!