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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wanna Sleeper Sofa?

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

This is what we are doing today! Having a garage sale. Everything is priced to sale. The dust is free.

Notice how Sweet Pea is "shopping"? She is having a hard time parting with some of her precious toys that she hasn't played with during the last year. Until today.

Oh, and do we have clothes!!!

The boys are running a little baked goods stand. They are raising money for a local charity. I got this idea from my friend Ruby Red Slippers. It keeps them busy and feeling useful. They have made over $20 so far. They are so proud!

Sweet Pea would be their best customer. If only she earned an allowance.

I mean, how could you resist this face?!

(I personally think he is going to make more then his parents, who have a driveway full of stuff.)


Mother Mayhem said...

I couldn't resist any of those faces. Unless they were trying to sell me a sleeper sofa. Snorfle.

Tiffany said...

Great job, boys! I think that's a great idea and they're doing so well - keep up the smiles!

I'm supposed to do a yard sale with a friend of mine sometime this summer - I think I'll do something like this for the kids, too! Thanks for the idea!

Brandi said...

Good luck with the sleeper sofa today! Maybe you can unload it on one of your fantastic neighbors.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Thanks for the shout out- so funny about your kids!
If I lived by you, I would be there! I am a huge garage sale shopper!!! Hope you do well!!!

Mummy McTavish said...

What fun, I hope Sweet-pea didn't "buy" too much of her own stuff back. I felt a bit ripped off coming home from our church garage sale with someone else's old (thankfully free) christmas tree tinsel that Lion couldnt resist and an olive oil spout that Dragon couldn't leave behind... aint kids great?

I certainly would have bought something yummy from those cute boys... I'm a sucker for a cute guy trying to sell me stuff;)

Jewel said...

Yard sales seem to be much more fun for kids than for grown-ups, hm? *smile*
The last time Daniel (our son) and I had a yard sale, I made coney dogs, sold chips and pop. Well, we sold more food than anything else! Which was fine, but I told my husband that the next time I mention having a yard sale, to absolutely tell me no!! They are too much work! LOL (call me lazy. I don't care. *grin*)

momstheword said...

Hey, I thought your hubby was still napping on that sofa! Those things are heavy!!!! Hope you unload it on somebody, lol!

Suz said...

Hey I think that is our red ATV, JK.
I am impressed that your doing a yard sale. I always have good intentions of doing one but end up just donating all the stuff.

I got an awesome bike trailer from our neighbors yard sale last year. $30. I love towing the little ones around town when I get a chance. Other peoples junk can be our new treasures, crazy huh.

You can add actually following through with a yard sale to your list of Awesome attributes. Way to go!

Not sure I can come up with 7 about my self. Maybe I'll ask boy mom what she thinks. She is always good for advice.

Take care.

Suz said...

Forgot, DO NOT want a sleeper sofa. We already sleep on our sofa.

Got a KING size bed?????

Mrsbear said...

I would have definitely bought some baked goods from your adorable boys. :)