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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

We have lived in our neighborhood for 5 years now. We loved the neighborhood for its large, beautiful trees and older brick homes. It is a quiet neighborhood with very little traffic. The elementary school is about 2 blocks away with a walking track and an awesome playground. It just looked like a wonderful place for our kids to grow up.

Then we moved in.

We have blogged about our neighbors before. Truth is, we don't seem to be very popular around here. Not really sure why. We do know that the previous owners lived here for 19 years, lost a teenage son to a horrible car accident, and soon went through a nasty divorce. Maybe we bought their friend's house? Maybe, in some weird way, they think we took sides? Maybe we just represent that sad time when everything seemed to fall apart for the family? Whatever it is, we have just learned to keep to ourselves.

We have neighbors that won't even wave back at us, much less partake in some friendly chit chat.

We have neighbors that speak Spanish and English, but their English suddenly gets rusty when, say, their tree falls on our home or our car. All of the sudden, they can't form a complete sentence. Lucky us...on a number of levels, wouldn't you say?

Then there is the older gentleman behind us that thinks men shouldn't be nurses and that it says something about my husband lacking on some professional level. I sure hope Nurse Boy gets to be there for his colonoscopy one day. :0)

We also have some little children whose parents think "No" is a word that holds a child back. I'll say... like the time one of them got mad and choked one of our sons out of anger. You can't say, "NO!" then? Their little ones have also been known to climb to the top of the privacy fence and comment about our dinner while we enjoy our meal in the "privacy" of our backyard. Yeah, I just love that !

OH! I must NEVER forget the bachelor down the street that has an old, abandoned, in ground pool that breeds MASSIVE amounts of mosquitoes ALL SUMMER LONG. And, no the city won't do anything about it. It is just a perk of living in the neighborhood.

But, today was the last straw...

Nurse Boy has shared his dislike of our friendly possum that hides out in our trash cans. He now refuses to take the trash out passed dark. I guess their eyes have locked in the moonlight one too many times. The possum just feels like we are the ones climbing over the privacy fence while he enjoys a tasty meal of apple cores and sticky sandwich crusts.

Except, "he" is a "she."

And, she wasn't eating for one. Meet our newest neighbor...

We found this "precious" little creature in our backyard this morning. YUCK!

So, won't you be our neighbor???


Tiffany said...

You're so funny, city girl! You'd never make it out here in my neck of the woods - not with all our "neighbors" (hee hee)

momstheword said...

oh my goodness! And I thought it was bad when our neighbor's spraypainted their house a bright blue, and totally didn't recognize our gate from theirs and totally spraypainted our gate a very bright, thorough shade of blue.

While painting the gate (that they thought was theirs, even though it leads into OUR backyard), they also managed to spraypaint our fence AND our car as well....

So yes.....I will be your neighbor.

We had to bar one neighbor kid from our house for two years. He could not play nice at our home or be respectful to me or to our rules. After a couple of years he grew up, learned to control his temper and his mouth, and was allowed over again.

But I digress......those possums are nasty little creatures. I don't know what Elly Mae was thinking?

momstheword said...

Which reminds me....have you done a post on how you named your blog Poop On Jelly?

I am always so enchanted with the name I even told your blog name to my 20 year old......

momstheword said...

....sorry, forgot to add that he was eating at the time.....

O.k., I'll stop now.

But I'll be back. Take it as a threat or promise, but hopefully you'll take it as a promise, lol!

Theresa said...

If you only have momma and one baby opossum, you are doing pretty well! Usually they have 3-4 in a litter.

We have pretty decent neighbors, not necessarily overly friendly, but not antagonistic, either. However, there are some new little heathens that keep running our alley and tormenting our dog. If they aren't careful, one of these days I'm going to let him climb the fence to get them!

Jewel said...

Sorry to hear about the bad neighbors. We live in the country and seldom see our neighbors but most of them are friendly. For some reason, we developed a close friendship with the neighbors at the end of our road. Oh, now I remember, I used to get their children off to school in the morning! The neighbors that live the closest to us, we probably know the least, though we do say hello and wave and so on.
We've only really had difficulty with one person that lives on our road (a township road/secondary road/its been gravel for the last year but we're getting chip and seal next week!!! Yayyyy!!).
Opossums are sooo ugly but the Lord must see beauty in them in some way. I just don't see it!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Oh. NO. I couldn't be your neighbor if that is the kind of neighbors you are looking for. Then again-they may be nicer than the real ones in your sub! :(
Go rent Over The Hedge soon and watch it for me. Then hire an exterminator. (EwWWW!!!)

Mrsbear said...

Oh goodness, that is one creepy critter! Although compared to your descriptions of your human neighbors, I might opt for the rodent. I can't believe one of the kids tried to choke your son. Wow!

Mummy McTavish said...

Man that thing is UUUUUUUgly!

Now this "Except maybe the glowing eyes of the possums at night" makes sense from your quiz thing. I'd be freaked out by them too! Our possums are like cute little fuzzy friends with pointy noses (no where near as pointy as that nose though) and stumpy legs... I still hate seeing them on the road at night but mostly because they cause a dent in the car when you hit them and then you feel like you should stop to check if it was okay and if it had a baby and then what do you do if it wasnt dead and only injured and what if it was dead or injured and had a live baby???? Do I sound like I have issues????

I actually saw one of these gross things on the news the other night and wondered if that freaky creature was what you had been talking about... See, I think about you all the time!

I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight. He is REALLY creepy looking.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Why did the chicken cross the road? To prove to the possum that it could be done.

I agree with Ruby Red Slippers about renting "Over The Hedge". That big Possum totally looks like William Shatner.

Get a super soaker while you are enjoying the privacy of you backyard, and pick off the neighbor kids as their heads bob over the fence. (or let your kids do it, so you won't get into trouble)

Mum-me said...

Sorry, that is not a possum it's an overgrown rat.

To see what real possums look like - cute little cuddly possums, see here http://ouraussiehalf-dozen.blogspot.com/2008/07/kitcat-and-possum.html

Your neighbours all sound rather yucky.

mommy4life said...

Maybe I can get our racoon and your possum together and see who survives? Hopefully, neither!!!

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Girl, that's no possum. You should have seen the one my parents had on their porch not too long ago. Boy was that thing ugly. Then it's baby came along. Another time my brother was laying on the floor by the patio door, thought he saw the cat (we were visiting my parents) went over to pet it and realized it was a skunk. Oh yes. A skunk. They've had both. Come to the country and you'll see lots and lots of wonderful creatures. Even squirrels! :-)

(the deer are the nicest though. Sometimes they eat the hedges to the point the hedges die after 50 years of being there and have to be replaced with inferior bushes....like at my parents.)

Denise said...

Sure, I'll be your neighbor.

As long as our neighbors have to stay in this neighborhood! We have some real doosies as well. LOL


momstheword said...

Just read on your sidebar how you named it poop on jelly, cute, lol!!!!

The sad thing is, my hubby wasn't even surprised when I told him I took them out of the garbage and took a picture for my blog!!! Hehehe!

Brandi said...

Yikes. . .no, sorry, I don't wan't to be your neighbor! LOL! We got really lucky someone and have super neighbors!

Boy Mom said...

I gotta agree with Mummy McT, that thang is uggggly! Though, I've heard they taste just like chicken... ewwww!

Poor things, even Mr. Rogers would have a hard time in your neighborhood, Mosquito Man sounds freaky.

Too bad that house in our neighborhood sold, we don't have possums, and we all speak English, we think male nurses are HOT, and we could always use a few more boys.

Suz said...

I tell ya I think our red tail boa would eat that possum.

I was just telling our neighbor that their guinea pig is as big as the large rats we feed the snake.