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Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Is it Monday, already? Really? But, I never had a chance to get some extra sleep, or deep clean the house, or meal plan for the week. I guess I know what I'll be doing today...except for the extra sleep part...I am thinking I can catch up on that in 2020. Here's hoping!

On to my random thoughts of the week...

* Paper plates are my new best friends. I am not a fan of using paper plates on a daily basis, (or even a regular basis) but I found a huge package on clearance and I AM IN LOVE. Now to get the kids to pick them up at the end of a meal and throw them away before they run off to the sandbox for the 33rd time that day. Seriously, it is a 3 foot walk. How hard can that be?

* Don't answer that.

* Now I need to invest in disposable clothes and work myself out of a job around here.

* We survived our garage sale. Barely. Why does it always wipe me out? But, we made a pretty decent amount considering we sold our JUNK. Our basement looks so much better. Now, nothing new can be brought in. Ha! (You and I both know I will be the one to break that rule.)

* Sweet Pea did part with some of her old toys. The toys that she hasn't played with for months. Until she saw a price tag on them last week. She gave a few little girls the "evil eye" as they skipped down our driveway with their new found treasures. Hey, I didn't say she did it joyfully.

* Dimples got a new bike from Bubby and Papa this weekend. Is it stupid that I want to cry? When did my baby turn into a 9 year old? His bike is almost as big as mine. I am pretty certain that he will be taller than me by next year. He is growing up and I am not ready.

* The other day Sweet Pea said something funny at dinner. It was so funny that Nurse Boy and I were crying through our laughter. Bruiser, not missing a beat, shouts, "Mom, you should put that on your blog!"

* Hi, my name is Mrs. Nurse Boy and I am addicted to blogging.

* Bruiser has also asked me if he can have my blog when I die. That is about 8 kinds of wrong.

* On a more mature note...is that possible around here? We became members of our new church this weekend. I cannot describe how good that felt. I am excited for our future there...whatever it will be. It feels good to be plugged back in and to know that we are where we are supposed to be. It has been a big step for our entire family. A painful, difficult, exciting, positive, eye opening step. It is a relief that the decision is made and we are adjusting. Actually, it is refreshing.

Happy Monday!!!


Sheila said...

yay!!!!! on you guys being members of our church! i was so happy and excited to see you all up there! oh, btw- what did sweet pea say that was so funny? now you must share! don't leave us hanging!! =)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I don't even remember what Sweet Pea said! I guess I should have written it down...or ask the boys. They seem to remember EVERYTHING!


Mummy McTavish said...

I may have to look into this paper plate thing... I have tried at times to give my kids their lunch on a piece of paper towel but that's not enough washing up for them, they go and get their own plate from the cupboard.

I cry probably once a week about my boys growing up... I am blaming hormones at the moment.

Jewel said...

I'm so addicted to foam plates! *blush* I know I should use regular plates and I do have them, but it is just so much easier to use the others and toss them in the trash, BUT I do recycle cans, glass, paper, and plastic, so maybe that cancels out my guilt of using foam plates. Sounds good to me! *smile*

Mother Mayhem said...

What happened to the sofa?

(Fantastic news about church.)

Lisa (Jonny's Mommy) said...

Congrats on being a member of the church.

And um... your forgot to tell us what Sweet Pea said. Hello.... :-)

Mrsbear said...

Sadly, I love using paper plates. Every meal except dinner. It makes my life so much easier. My mother-in-law loves to joke about disposable clothing since she hates doing laundry, actually she's not so much joking as she is wishing...if you invent some, she would definitely buy them in bulk. ;)

Tiffany said...

You absolutely crack me up. I SO missed you while I was gone. Still trying to play catch up - and you're keeping me in stitches while I do!