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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

How can you not love this country?! LABOR day is our national holiday where we celebrate work by NOT WORKING!!! Dontcha just love it?!

Just wanted to give you all a little update on our weekend of NO LABOR! (Well, not REALLY labor free. We ARE parents. But, let's pretend, shall we?!) We started off by heading out to a small, historic town nearby to take the kids miniture golfing. But, first we had to get something to eat at a locally owned Italian restaurant. Here are the kids waiting outside of the restaurant...

We are having beautiful weather and this weekend was no exception!

I love this boy's toothless smile!

And, how can you not smile back when you see those dimples?!

After some yummy food, we headed to the miniture golf course. It is built on a hill and is by far the coolest course I have ever seen. Bruiser had the time of his life!

Sweet Pea even played along. Well, except that she CHEATS. A LOT. (That is the ball in her hand, in case you can't tell.)

A fun time was had by all. We played well into the night.

Sweet Pea, that is not a weapon.

We HAD to top the night off with some ice cream.
(The ice cream shoppe had several young teenage female employees. Sitting on this very bench, Bruiser decided that he wanted to have a girlfriend who worked at an ice store when he was older. He had us cracking up!)

On Sunday we all headed ovcr to a very special wedding.

I think they all looked clean, unwrinkled, and snot-free for about 3 whole minutes. But, they were cute for those 3 minutes!

Here is Sweet Pea getting down on the dance floor.

Here is Bruiser getting down. He was moving much too fast for a good picture.

Here's hoping you took some time to relax this weekend!
Happy Labor Day, everyone!!!!


Kari said...

What a great way to spend the holiday weekend - with each other. The miniature gold and ice cream is the best! My daughter cheats too :o)
Love that the kids will dance in front of people!

Suz said...

Hey Sweet Pea has got to protect herself somehow from those boys. JK! I am sure they are protective of her.

Sounds like a great fun. They look sharp.

Today we loaded up for a movie, UP. Had to take 2 cars I am on call. 1 hr into the show I was called in, bummer! Hospital is very busy. Too many ill people.

I am glad there were some people enjoying the holiday!



Kmama said...

Your kids are so beautiful!! Looks like you had a great weekend. And yes, I just LOVE Labor Day!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Sweet Pea's personality is coming through loud and cute!!! {Lucky!}
Your kids look so darling!!!! They are beautiful! Really, they all are so cute...

Brandi said...

Labor Day was always a favorite when I had a "real" job (a paying job, that is). Heck any reason to be off was a favorite.

There should be a national "SAHM" day or something. The husbands should be off work to watch the kids and the moms should get a real day off.

Great pics of the kiddos! Looks like a fun time. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

They clean up so nice.:) They are always so cute. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

These aren't really their kids are they? They're like models or something. I mean seriously...they are the cutest, most well behaved (looking) neatly dressed children I have ever seen! Ugh! Do they ever get dirty?! :-)

I know. They do. you just don't show us.

Seriously, I'm glad you all had a great weekend and the photos are absolutely a treasure!

Mrsbear said...

Really, your kids are adorable. I would tell you if they weren't. ;) I love the gaps in the teeth. Looks like a great weekend. We love mini-golf, although we haven't been in a while.

Bruiser is wise beyond his years, I'd choose a girlfriend who could score me free ice-cream too!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

What an awesome weekend! I love that picture of the 3 of them outside the restaurant. Adorable! And all their eyes are striking!
He might just land a high-falootin' ice cream shop employee after all!

Michelle said...

Looks like a lot of fun! The kids are so adorible! If it wasn't so stinkin' hot still, I might venture to take the kids mini golfing!

BTW, I just posted a random musings and left you some linky love!

Have a blessed day!