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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday and I am already behind on my to do list this week. Yeah, that is the sorry truth. The truth that now seems to be my life. I am counting on all of that changing in about 18 years or so. Yeah, I am blaming it on the kids for now. Once they are gone, I am going to have to find another excuse.

But, you came here for some randomness, didn't you? Here it goes...

----Last week we passed a church with a sign out front that said, "Exercise daily... Walk with the Lord!" I love that! Plus, when I get lazy and skip my workout on the treadmill, I can feel less guilty now. I AM exercising daily! I wonder what my doctor will think about that theory?

----Bruiser had quite the soccer game this weekend. We played a coach who was certain that all of his players' college scholarships were riding on the game. They are SIX!

----Oh, and let me not forget about Dimples' 8 AM game that was rained out. Only, our family showed up to the field... dressed and showered... yes, my makeup was on... 8 AM... on a SATURDAY! Grrr....

----I remember when Saturday morning was used to catch up on sleep. Well, I vaguely remember. It was 10 years ago. If my memory serves me right, it was glorious!

----I am thinking about my Christmas Cards already. It is a sick obsession of mine.

----One of these days a family photo shoot is going to send me to the hospital. I find myself stressing over every detail. Is it really too much to ask for us all to look put together for a total of ten whole minutes?!

----Yes. Yes it is.

----The other day Bruiser was asking when he could move out of our home. He wasn't in trouble, nor had he been. We asked him why he was looking forward to moving out of the house. He quickly responded, "Cuz, I need to get out of this house."

----My sentiments some days, too, my son. ;0)

----I am a horrible front seat passenger. HORRIBLE. I OFTEN hit an imaginary brake on the floor and brace myself with the ceiling. I blame it on the fact that I am a better driver than Nurse Boy, so what's a girl to do?!

----We had a wonderful visit with some friends this weekend. They have some land and live in the country. We were admiring their horses while we were there. Dimples noticed a sign on the horse fence and read it out loud to Bruiser and Sweet Pea. "DO NOT TOUCH! ELECTRICAL FENCE." Guess what Bruiser did? Yep. He not only touched it, but he grabbed it tightly with both of his hands. Now, before you call SRS, the fence wasn't turned on. But, Bruiser did not know that. That kid will try anything once. I blame Nurse Boy.

----No wonder why I am going gray!

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Happy Monday everyone!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my goodness, the whole fence thing would have made me have a heart attack. That stinks about the game being cancelled. Could have slept in. Grr. I hear ya.

Michelle said...

Aww, sweet Bruiser. Gary once told me that he would never live in Ohio because they all live in caves. The next conversation was that he could no longer talk to his friend Jeremiah because he moved to Vancouver, WA and they don't speak English there.

Such sweet boys we have!

Thanks for your well wishes. So far, not so good. I may get myself fired today for telling of my boss. Grrr.

Have a blessed day

Kmama said...

LOL at Dimples wanting to move out already. That's too cute.

And regarding the electrical fence. I did that when preggo with Buster. My inlaws have a cow farm across the street from their house and we were out looking at the cows. I told Buddy not to touch the fence while pointing out the barbs on it, not realizing it was electrical. I had a nice little jolt. I freaked out, being pregnant and all...but it was okay. I can imagine you freaked out as well.

Brandi said...

I'm being random today and I've sent you some linky love, my dear. I am SO with you on the Christmas cards. I am already obsessing/stressing over them. ;)

Have a great week!

Kari @ p.s. love.love. said...

I've already been hounding my hubby on where we will take our Christmas pic. He's a little annoyed since it's only September. I'm a planner. Yep, Grrrr....to the rain. What is sleeping in???

Mummy McTavish said...

Ahh, some randomness to start my day! The world is at peace.

I am sure both of my big boys would have grabbed the fence. They are getting a little too interested in Road Runner cartoons, it's not good.

Jewel said...

I love your Monday randomess...er, uhhhh...I mean, randomness! Oh my! I honestly didn't mean to do that! LOL
Well, I have my "randomess" posted if you'd like to come on over!
Oh, if only exercise was that simple!
I have to be honest and say that I don't miss going to little kids' sports. Some parents and coaches are more than I can take! And I remember those early Saturday morning games. Yuck! So did you all go out for breakfast seeing as how you were all dressed and ready to go? :-)
I try to send my Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving but haven't always succeeded but I have good intentions! We've never consistently gotten family pictures taken, though I wish we had/did. I really admire families who do!
I am so thankful the fence was off! Oh my! It reminded me of the guy in Jurassic Park who grabbed the electric fence that wasn't on but he acted like it was? Funny!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love all the random thoughts...that is how I think these days with the kids...
I am glad I am not the only one behind already this week...I will tell you (and the world) a secret: My mom is coming over tomorrow just to help me get my laundry tackled...I know, sad-

Suz said...

I hate 8 am Saturday soccer games. I think that we would be smart enough to just not sign them up.

My boys would of peed on the electric fence. There is a Myth Busters episode dedicated to that very thing.

Ohh... randomnesss.... We went on a little hike that also included a tour of a cave. Guess who drank a half liter of water on the hike and refused to pee at the last chance outhouse? Then upon entering the cave and after the tour guide locks the door has to pee due to the cold temperature of the cave? Milo.... half way through the tour I had to let him pee in the very water bottle he had emptied. I couldn't let him pee in the cave, it is a National Monument!

Just what are we to do?



Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Sounds like you and my mom are the same front seat passenger. She does the same thing.

Also, your blog has been added to my blog roll. It was on the Delicious link roll I originally added it to, but it refused to show up on my blog. So I deleted you.

Then I added you again. And now there you are! Whoo. I feel better.

Now I wonder who else got left out?!