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Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It is Monday. Monday now signals the start of the work week for me. You see, I just started working at a preschool/daycare. Yep, I am officially "Bringing home the bacon." Except, I'm not sure you can really call it "working." I am only there 3 mornings a week, I work a maximum of 11 hours each week, and Sweet Pea comes with me.

And, bacon really is the ONLY thing that my paycheck can pay for.

But, Sweet Pea and I are really enjoying it. Plus, I work with some amazing women.

So, today the work week begins, the laundry begs to be washed, the floors long to be vacuumed, and all I want to do is go back to sleep. Yet, sleep and I are not meant to be, so here are my random thoughts...

****One of the little girls in my class calls me, "Ms. Feather." It always brings a smile to my face. Yes, even on Mondays.

****The same little girl is from India and does not eat beef or pork. One day we were having hot dogs for lunch and she kept asking for one. I had to tell her that she couldn't eat those hot dogs. She quietly ate her bun with ketchup and mustard, minus the hot dog. After a few minutes, she looked at me with a huge smile and said, "When I grow up big and strong, I am going to eat hot dogs!" I couldn't help but to smile back.

****Last week, I asked another preschooler when he will be turning 4 years old. Sam looked at me with the most precious brown eyes and said, "On my birthday!" But, of course!

****Why is trail mix so addictive? And, why does it taste so much better with m&ms?

****What does it say about me that my nine year old just taught me about our DVR's extra features? We have had the DVR for almost a year!

****Would you believe that I don't text message either? I don't know how to get a text off of my phone, even though poor Nurse Boy has shown me about 20 times.

****I know, I know. That makes me either eighty years old or just plain stupid. And, let's just say, I am not eighty.

****Why, oh why, MUST my 3 year old touch E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G when she enters a public restroom?! And, far be it for me to deprive her of visiting Every! Single! Public! Restroom! in the entire city! I plan to pay her back when I am in my nineties and wearing depends. ;0)

****Lastly, there is nothing more precious than listening to your kids sing at the top of their lungs to Christian radio while driving down the road! It puts a smile on my face every time.

Want to join in on the fun? Write a post of your own and leave me a comment so I can read your random thoughts!

Happy Monday!


Tiffany said...

Happy Monday! Your new "job" sounds like a perfect fit! Hope you continue to enjoy it.

I blogged my Monday ramblings today. Come by and visit when you get a chance!


Michelle said...

LOL! I love the words that come out of little mouths. Only words, nothing more. I can do without the 'other' stuff that comes from their mouths. I also hope you continue to enjoy your job. It's ok if laundry piles up. Laundry stinks anyway!

I also blogged my Monday's Ramblings, but did with a MckMama twist!


Have a blessed day!

Mrsbear said...

Please, I can't keep up with my laundry and I don't even have a paying job. ;)

Kids that age are too sweet. Maybe all the job can pay for is bacon, but at least you're enjoying it and you get to spend time with your daughter and stumble upon some delicious blog fodder. :)

Hot dogs are so overrated anyway.

Happy Monday!

He & Me + 3 said...

How fun for you to be able to teach at the same school as sweet pea. I don't text either. Don't even have that option on my phone. Don't want it either. I know I am old. LOL

On Stage said...

I'm happy to know that I am not the only person left who doesn't text. I also have to admit that I have no idea what a DVR is. How sad is that? My kids touch everything in public bathrooms too... makes me crazy!

Kmama said...

Okay, M&M's are a must in trail mix. A must!!

And, as soon as we enter a public restroom, I order, "Do not touch ANYTHING!" and line everything with TP and have taught Buddy to flush with his foot (even though I have to pick him up and hold him while he does it). If he touches anything, I almost have a panic attack and he's learned it's better just not to touch anything. LOL

Rachel said...

Awww... I still can't get past the "Ms. Feather" part. That is simply adorable!

Well, I only got past it because your later comment reminded me of the near heart-attack I recently experienced when my poor short kiddo actually grabbed the toile bowl rim to keep from falling into the water as he peed. GOOD LORD... that poor kid was sanitized to pieces after that :)

Thanks for sharing - love how much fun you seem to have!

momstheword said...

I don't get the Feather joke but that's probably because I don't know your real name perhaps.

Anyway, laughed at the other stuff, lol!

My son stuck his hands in the public toilet one and I was sooo grossed out by it! Fortunately nothing bad happened but still....eeeewwww!

Mummy McTavish said...

If they aren't the one "going" and are fancy free to touch anything in the stall while I am occupied I play 'simon says' with them... and simon NEVER says touch the toilet/dateroll/bin/floor. If they are the one going I pray.

My boys sing their lungs out to christian songs too... their paraphrases are quite hillarious sometimes! Totally changes a song when they think it's about Bob rather than God.