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Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's Random Musings

Mrs. Nurse Boy here for yet another exciting Monday.

Yep, it is Monday. And, I am home with a sick Sweet Pea. I actually think she is better today, but she was running a fever last night, so we are laying low just in case. Here's hoping it is nothing!

Time for my random thoughts...

-----I am not a coffee drinker (at least not the black stuff that comes out of my boring coffee maker) but, what is it about a $4 cup of designer coffee that makes it smell and taste oh-so-good?! Once that cup is in my hand, I am certain that I deserve a small beverage that is the equivalent of 2 hot lunches for my boys.

-----Yes, I am drinking one right now. I just KNEW that I deserved one since I am stuck at home with a sick kid. Never mind that she seems fine. I DESERVE it!

-----Our trees are dumping acorns by the bucketfuls. This is no good for a family that prefers to be barefoot in our yard. Ouch!

-----I have been watching a lot of Supernanny reruns. That lady is a genius! Not to mention her "miraculous" ability to solve every family's problems in 60 minutes. Oh, the beauty of editing.

-----I would love to edit out some of my life. Let's start with the middle school years, shall we?

-----The older my boys get, the louder Nurse Boy's voice is on the soccer sidelines. He seems to be oozing competitive spirit. I will start praying for the high school years now.

-----It is never good when you lie back for your brow wax and the hair dresser asks if you want an upper lip wax too.

-----Thanks. I was completely (and happily) unaware that I have a moustache.

-----Since I refused the upper lip wax, I am now certain that everyone is staring at my moustache and not my raspberry pink lip gloss.

-----I shalll NEVER have that lady wax my brows again. Thanks for the new paranoia, lady!

-----Why do I still get zits? I am in my thirties. Didn't my teenage years count for something?

Join me for your random thoughts in the comments or with a post of your very own! Happy Monday everyone!!!!

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He & Me + 3 said...

I want to wax my lip...but I have been so nervous to try it. I really need to. Sorry to hear that Sweat Pea is sick. I hope that she feels better soon.

Kmama said...

Oh no! I can't believe the waxer asked you that! I'm a big sissy and don't even get my eyebrows waxed. I'm afraid my skin will rip off.

I hope Sweet Pea is on the mend!

Imperfect Mom said...

Oh, you thought I sat in the shadows at the park to protect NR's delicate, baby skin?

Have I mentioned that by sitting in the shadows the sunlight doesn't glisten off my "peach fuzz" as much?

$4 coffees are absolutely justified. Especially when the pumpkin latte is only seasonal. It would practically be against the very laws of nature to miss this limited-time awesomeness.

Brandi said...

I ♥ $4 coffee! Hope sweet pea is feeling better! :)

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Hope Sweat Pea gets better soon.
When you were discussing waxing your moustache, I had visions of the waxed, handlebar moustache that they wore in the old West. Sorry I just put that image in your head. I always drew them on the pictures in my textbooks.

Mrsbear said...

I love Supernanny. She's like the Dog Whisperer of misbehaved kids. That show always makes me feel good about my parenting skills, I mean the stuff some of those kids get away with. Last episode I watched the lady was terrified of her six year old scratching her. Seriously she could've totally taken that kid down.

Also, I still get pimples in my thirties and it's damn depressing. Adult acne is so unfair.

Boy Mom said...

As long as the mustache doesn't tickle Mr. NB when you're kissing... ha! I think those beauty salon chicks stand there with an apron full of paranoia just waiting to depress up.

I know all I'm seeing is Raspberry lip gloss. You cute thing.

I knew hauling my fevered hacking body over to see you would make me feel better. Thanks!

Theresa said...

My Monday Randomness is up.

I hate getting acne at my age. I guess when hormones are in flux it doesn't matter the age, the skin still reacts.:/

Rachel said...

Ahh, someone who gets me... the lovely PCOS keeps my skin breaking out and makes it look like I should shave more often than Mr. Daddy...

And it drives me nuts how pushy some people can be. I was sitting with my sister watching HER get a MANICURE when the salon chick told me I needed my brows waxed.

"Very Very Bad... Need to Come Off" OUCH! I think you look mahvelous - no mustache in sight!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I love the Supernanny. It is like her British accent just makes her so much more believable. Like she is a Mary Poppins come to save all us redneck, horrid parents! Whoo-hoo!

Shana said...

man I could have written that post myself and is your brow lady my brow lady? what is up with that?!?! I understand the zitty 30's too. Wasn't puberty enough? Man, menopause is going to really be bad...lol.

Shana said...

oh yeah, the main reason i was going to leave a comment. oops. back when i volunteered at a nursing home one of the residents told me that when the trees produce a lot of nuts (acorns, pecans, walnuts, whatever) that it was going to be a long cold winter. that was nature's way of providing enough food for the animals that forage and store their food. I though it was very interesting and makes a lot of sense really.

Michelle said...

I hate coffee all together, I don't care how much it is! I've tried every possible coffee concoction, and hate them all! :)

OHGosh on your hairdresser! That's just plain rude - coming from someone who also needs her brows waxed!

I love your randomness! And thanks for the Linky Love! :)

Jewel said...

My random musings are up and running and I didn't even realize it until you, Mrs. NB, brought it to my attention! Geez...am I on the ball or what??
Being 58, I've been dealing with facial hair for a few years and just use Nair to remove it. It's simple, easy and quick! No problems! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! :-)
Oh my, I don't like the sounds of that acorn prediction! A long, cold, harsh winter....tell me it ain't so!
Oh, and thanks for telling me I had a great random musings when I didn't even realize it! :-/
And, and....we need to catch up on Project Runway! Finally, they got rid of lazy Mitchell AND Johnny, who although my heart goes out to him in his recovery and all...the boy just wasn't focused enough or possibly good enough yet to be on PR!!! The paper dresses were unreal!

Mummy McTavish said...

Just keep that mo until someone that isn't being paid to remove it lets you know it's visible. I figure that's the safest bet.

I've been having LOTS of $5.80 coffees (aussie $'s make it sound terrible don't they) while my sweet man is on holidays. I'm excusing it because we don't get to go out for coffee for the rest of the year... I go out for coffee, just not with him!

I'm wondering if I can sue those Health class teachers that told me the zits would go once puberty was over... that was VERY misleading!