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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Mrs. Nurse Boy here. FYI, it has been a better day. Praise God for that one!

I love staying home with my kids. I love dropping them off at school and picking them up. I love that I am the first person they see in the morning (when they wake up in a good mood) and I am the last person they see at night (provided they are in bed by 8pm. I turn into a very grumpy mom at 8:01). I am so thankful that I can be there for my kids ALL of the time. But, sometimes the very thing you love can also be the very thing that drives you crazy.

For instance, I fell in love with my husband's spontaneity and fun loving attitude. He had a zest for life that I didn't have when I met him. He was so carefree, yet responsible at the same time. He still knows how to make some of the most boring tasks enjoyable. I truly love being around him. He balances me. However, it also drives me crazy that he is a walking jungle gym in our home and he will change our dinner plans while dinner is still cooking in the oven. He can walk into an organized situation and make it look like chaos (aka our home). He is fun, but I don't always think he is funny. You see, the very thing I love about him can sometimes be the very thing that DRIVES ME CRAZY!

I feel the same way about staying home with my kids. The other day Dimples was trying to remind me of a story he claims he shared with me a week ago. I could not remember the conversation for the life of me. I couldn't even play it off, to which he loudly sighed, "I told you about this before, but I guess you just don't remember..." He then took the next ten minutes to get me caught up.

This is how I wanted to respond: "That is because there are three of you and only one of me. ALL of you insist on talking ALL of the time. And, you usually choose to talk to me when I am trying to focus on something that needs my attention at that very moment. Mommy can't even go potty without someone talking to me through the closed door. Or, how about when I get to have a 20 minute adult conversation on the phone? When the phone rings, you all seem to need my attention more than ever. Or, what about all of the times I stop what I am doing to attentively listen to you and you can't recall what it was that you wanted to say in the first place?"

Of course, I am immediately reminded to be thankful that they are talking to ME.....and, talking to me, and talking to me, and talking to me, and talking to me...You get the point.

I am also reminded that I am usually the one sighing at my husband when he cannot recall what I just ranted and raved about the day before.

Maybe I now know how he feels...

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Nurse Boy said...

Mrs. Nurse Boy,
I am so blessed that you can remember what you love about me still after all these years. I know that I can be a lot to deal with at times. I want you to know that I still remember why I fell in love with you. I can talk to you with more ease than anyone in the world. You know when to take me seriously and when to tell me to shut up. You are confident and vulnerable at the same time. You still know how to make my heart race. Plus you have make it so I can enjoy reading my own blog. What a woman.