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Monday, October 13, 2008

I Have Turned Into My Grandmother!

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Last week I actually wrapped two dessert-type cookies in napkins and stuffed them in my purse when I was out. When I returned home, I searched for the buried treasure at the bottom of my purse. As I was partaking in my delightful treat, I realized that I have become my grandmother.

How gross, right?!

I have so many memories of my Grandma Mary doing the very same thing. She always had crumbly treats wrapped with numerous napkins swimming around the bottom of her purse. You never knew just how long those treats had been tucked away, or where they came from. I thought it was disgusting. Not to mention, embarrassing when we were out with her and she started stuffing food items into her purse. That lady was a magician when it came to sneaking food into her purse.

She ALWAYS had jordan almonds in her purse. They were from all of the Italian weddings she would attend. I am pretty sure she stole about 20 bags from every wedding she would attend. So, at the bottom of her purse she would always have little white mesh bags filled with colorful almonds tied neatly with a bow. I, to this day, LOVE jordan almonds. LOVE. But, I (almost) never ate them out of the bottom of my grandmother's purse.

She also had an endless assortment of hard candy. I still think of her when I see those yellow butterscotch candies. She also had a thing for those strawberry candies with a gross chewy center. I thought of those as old lady candy. Meaning, you HAD to be an old lady to like them.

So, I am starting to wonder if I will indeed start stuffing my purse with stale goodies and try to feed them to my grandchildren in the next 20 or 30 years. My guess is I will if I get invited to those Italian weddings with the delightful bags of jordan almonds!


Imperfect Mom said...

My girlfriend and I used to go out to "fancy" dinners at the Olive Garden and we'd stuff breadsticks in our purses.

Made 'em smell REALLY fantastic.

Nurse Boy said...

OK, I think your purse might smell worse than my grandmother's did! But, I do love me some Olive Garden breadsticks!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy