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Monday, October 20, 2008

Nothing but CHANGE

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

This has been a crazy time for our family over the last few months. We usually reserve this blog for the funnier side of our family. But when life seems serious, it is hard to be funny. Our daily life is still full of laughter, giggles, and smiles, but we are experiencing lots of CHANGE. God is challenging us to make changes for all of us individually, as well as corporately as a family.

Can I just say that I think change is hard? HARD. It is hard enough on little old me, much less my children. We won't even discuss my wonderful husband with a new job, school, and a family to support. His life is the definition of change. GOOD change, but change none the less.

We have always taken the time to constantly reevaluate what we are doing as a family. We do this OFTEN and in regard to everything we hold dear or deem important. Sure, we make mistakes. Who doesn't? But, we try to seek the Lord in all that we are doing. We want to be in HIS will, not our own. That is our heart's desire.

So, God has challenged us to trust Him while He makes a lot of changes in our lives. We ARE trusting Him. We want to trust Him, but it still isn't easy. Nurse Boy took a new job. He started working on his masters. Two of my children are in school full time. Make that private school, thus challenging our finances. My two year old is potty training. God is directing me to take part in different Christian studies and groups around the city to challenge me and connect me with other believers...

And, God is calling us to another church...

We have been at our wonderful church for 11 years. It doesn't all make sense now, but I am trusting that God has a plan. He often closes doors in order to open new doors elsewhere. For the last 3 years or so, we have seen a lot of doors close for us. We didn't understand why, but we think we may have been stubborn and not seen it until now. God was preparing us for the changes He had in store.

We love the people in our church. We have grown soooo much there. Our children were born and loved on there. Our marriage has BLOSSOMED there. We are not bitter or mad. We are simply obeying God and following His plans for our own family. We do believe that He has a plan for each and every family. We are simply searching His plan for us. It is as simple as that. It is a difficult time for us, but we are believing for an awesome testimony in the end.

We are praying that we can broaden our friendships, not eliminate friends. We are praying for a group of people that can support, encourage, and pray for us as we enter a challenging season for our family with Nurse Boy in school. We are praying for more friendships for each and everyone of us. We are praying for a church that can mentor us as we seek the Lord in raising our family to serve our God in what ever He has planned for each one of us. We are praying that our family will grow closer to Him and one another in this process of finding out where He wants to place us next.

So, I said all of that to explain the light, not so funny, blogging. This is just a difficult time for our family. But, we are trusting.... and, now that I got that off of my chest, I am hoping for the funny stuff to flow in the very near future. I still have a "chicken" post to come and an idea for a special Friday edition each and every week. And, I always have hopes for Nurse Boy to return a little more often. I think he has the entire month of December off of school, so stay tuned....


Imperfect Mom said...

We haven't been called to leave our church, but I never wanted to be called to GO TO our church.

I said "no way". There was NO WAY I was going to go to a church that big. Nope. But I would humor MotH and try it. Just once, so I could say "I told you so".

Nearly five years later.........

We'll pray for you guys. Like you said, we all WANT to do God's will, but it can be very, very hard to follow. Especially when being called out of our comfort zone, even away from those we love.

mommy4life said...

You are all in our prayers all the time. We know this is harder on all of you than anyone else. He will guide you.... We Love you guys!!!