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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just One Evening In Our Home...

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

I just found my 8 year old son styling Dora's hair. Sweet Pea brought Dimples matching hair bands, bows, and a comb for her precious doll. Apparently, it was obvious to everyone that Dora needed a new hairdo. It warms my heart that Dimples was willing to give it his best effort in hopes of pleasing his sister. He patiently sat there attempting (and struggling) to take over Dora's nest of a hairdo. Not to worry, once he was finished, he threw Dora to the side and wrestled his brother for the Wii control. All is right with the world again.

By the way, she STILL needs a new 'do. Dimples is a boy with little to no experience in this area. He doesn't even comb his own hair, since I insist on keeping it so short. (I like to avoid the whole unkempt look.) Dora is turning into one sorry looking doll. Sweet Pea loves her just the same.

Sweet Pea, however, does not love my cooking. Tonight I made chicken. For those of you who know me well, this is not a surprise. I make chicken most nights. (I plan to post more about this later.) I tried something new tonight and it was a huge success. Everyone loved it. Everyone, except Sweet Pea who refused to even try the chicken. So, we spent most of the meal trying to talk her into a tasty bite.

Next thing we know, she announces that she did it, meaning she ate all of her chicken. Sure enough, her chicken was all gone. I felt my head start to inflate. I had finally found a meal that EVERYONE enjoyed! I knew I could do it. I AM a good cook. I could work this new meal into the regular rotation. I smiled as I was cleaning up and wiping down my little princess.

Then I saw it....

ALL of her chicken stuffed in her lap! That little stinker!!! So, I disciplined her with a straight face and sent her on her merry little way. Then I laughed. Good thing we don't have a dog or she would get away with so much more!

Do you think I should serve the leftovers to her for lunch tomorrow?????

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mommy4life said...

Sigh. They learn early. Gigi only ate biscuits last night because she didn't like the vegetables from our stew. I bet Sweet Pea will really want her breakfast in the morning!