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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We WILL Survive

Mrs Nurse Boy here.

So, I recently talked Nurse Boy into attending a 6 week Marriage Enrichment Class at a local church. We have always been passionate about marriage as a ministry, as well as focusing on improving our own. It CAN always get better. I can honestly say that I love Nurse Boy more now than I ever have before. So far, I have been able to say that every year.

Since Nurse Boy was delighted to add yet another class to his already busy schedule, I signed us up. It has been nothing but a blessing. We have enjoyed the time together, as well as the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as a couple. (We, of course, do not have any weaknesses ;0) I am always right, he is always wrong. Once we both learn to accept that, our marriage will be stronger than ever!)

However, there IS one problem with our new found connection time. I thought it was a little problem, but to Nurse Boy it is HUGE. The class takes place on Thursday nights. Thursday nights have always held a very special place in our hearts. It is Survivor Night. We usually tape the show and watch it when the kids go to bed. We even watched a taped episode when I was in labor with Bruiser. (Yes, we did!) I was a little distracted, but Nurse Boy filled me in between contractions. Nurse Boy has always considered this a "date night". Yeah, right! I like some quality time to talk, reflect, and analyze our lives, NOT the lives of crazy people looking for their 15 minutes of fame while starving, dirty, and fighting with strangers. Just because we are sitting next to each other, does not a romantic night make.

I digress.

So far, we have missed just about every Survivor since we started our class. Nurse Boy has this problem solved. He now wants DVR. We have only had cable for a year and a half. I still cringe when I pay that bill. I mean, is it really necessary to have 100 channels of infomercials? There is STILL nothing on!

We are living in the dinosaur ages. We have 2 VCRs, but only one still records. However, we lost the original remote to that VCR so we cannot use the timer feature to record. We have to actually be here to press record. Like I said, dinosaur ages. So, we asked my parents (also dinosaurs) to tape the show for us. When we popped the tape in, we watched beautiful black and white snow while enjoying the relaxing sound of static. Apparently, they have issues of their own.

Next, we tried to watch it online. The 40 minute show took us about an hour and a half to get through. For some unknown reason, the show constantly freezes up and pauses when we watch it via the computer. We are fans, but not THAT dedicated.

Yesterday, Nurse Boy asked me to call and get information about DVR. I don't think I am ready to leave the dinosaur ages. Once we have DVR, we won't be able to live without it. That happened with automatic car windows, cell phones for both of us, Internet, and cable just to name a few.

I think I may have just discovered the weakness in our marriage. Maybe, just maybe, it is our obsession with Survivor...


Mrs Lemon said...

But once you recognize the weakness, you can move on ... or is that AA? j/k jolly good reading

David B said...

DVR = Marriage Enrichment. Once you have a DVR Nurse Boy will never be able to say "can we talk later the game/my show is on." He can always hit the pause button and listen to you. Ask Mrs David B - she is glad we got a DVR.

Nurse Boy said...

Mrs. L, I believe that is AA, and I don't think survivor has quite reached that level yet. We don't try to hide how much survivor we watch. Neither one of us watches survivor alone. We watch it after everyone goes to bed so we don't neglect our kids for survivor (we do that so we can watch un-interupted though). We don't suffer from survivor induced blackouts. On the other hand, I do feel like I am having some withdrawl symptoms. You know, night sweats, the shakes, nothing severe.

DB-You are a man on pure logic and wisdom. I appreciate your imput.
Mr. Nurse Boy

Jewel said...

LOL, this is too funny! We finally gave in and got DVR...we love it!! Especially me! But I do know exactly what you mean about having a kabillion channels and there still not being anything to watch! How can that be? What I really like about the DVR is being able to record shows and watch them at my convenience and also race through the commercials. Dish Network and DirecTV have some great deals out there for new subscribers! *smile*

Huskerfan said...

DVR has revolutionize my marriage. The other day I wanted to go compare prices on things for the house so when we FINALLY have some left over money, but the Huskers were playing. My wonderful husband said "no prob, I will just record it!" Seriously, our first year would have been WAY different with DVR!!