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Friday, October 24, 2008

STILL at it..........

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

Sweet Pea is STILL potty training. I know what you all are thinking....Enough with the potty training posts!!!! Well, when you are in month TWO, it is frankly all you can think of. Elections? No. Economy? Nothing. Gas prices? Nada. Insane grocery bills? Not even going there. Potty training? Yes, yes, and yes!!! I have started counting potty chairs in my sleep. Really! I know, I need to get a hobby, but who has time where you are potty training?

Every time Sweet Pea sits on the potty, we are supposed to hover over her with pride. When she goes, her entire face lights up. She looks us in the eyes and says with such delight, "LOOK AT MY POTTY! Mommy, LOOK AT MY POTTY!"

Sweet Pea, I have been looking at your potty all of your life. From the very moment you were born. And every day since then. That is exactly what I am hoping to remove from my life right now. I do not want to see your potty, feel your potty, or even smell your potty. I simply want you to FLUSH it away. Do you get that?

I can't wait until I am officially finished looking at someone else's potty in my life! Nurse Boy is a GI nurse, so I don't think that day is coming anytime soon for him.

Don't worry, I will take every opportunity to rub it in when I can!!


Chaos-Jamie said...

So Charming pottied today. When I asked "are you done?" he said "no" and continued to sit. I left the room. When I came back he'd peed again...all over the floor, the blankie, and the lamby, as well as the potty. And THEN he climbed up on the table and pottied again.

I guess he really wasn't done.

Jewel said...

Our son, Daniel, didn't use a potty. He had to use the BIG potty, our bathroom commode, just like daddy. So I got a little step stool and adjustable seat thingy for little ones and it all worked somehow. And we celebrated and acted like crazy people when he "pottied". What we do for our children,hm? LOL But if it works, hey, why not?!?!?