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Monday, October 6, 2008

I Know It Is Monday, but REALLY?

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.

It has been a hard day. Is it over yet?

When I returned home today from taking the boys to school, I discovered a very unnerving message on my answering machine. Our credit card company was calling to check on some unusual activity on our card. Since I was stuck at home for the past three days with a sick kid, I knew something was up. I mean, this girl likes to shop, but even I draw the line when I have a sick kid. Unless I run into the store for some much needed Tylenol and Lysol.

What were these "unusual" charges you ask? Why, over $1900 to a lumber yard. That seemed to send a bright, flashing, red flag to our credit card company. I mean, we are talking about Nurse Boy. When things break down around here, we lay hands on them and pray hard. When that doesn't work, we put the said item in the basement, or paint over it, carpet it, or even rearrange to hide things.

Oh, I kid. Kind of....

Of course there were a few other charges. Since they weren't charges for grass seed on steroids from the TV (my weakness) or shakes from QT (Nurse Boy's weakness), the credit card company knew something was up! Boy, am I grateful for that!

But, I still feel violated. I mean, HOW did they get our credit card number? That is scary!

And, now I will have to wait 7 to 10 business days before I can order anything off the TV. That is when my new card will be issued. Nurse Boy is smiling now!

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Nurse Boy said...

Nurse Boy is not smiling. His TV has developed some sort of moisture problem. All he knows is Sweat Pea was in the room alone with two drinks. The TV was found with strange smears and some foreign liquid underneath. Maybe when TV's die they drain their fluids like people. Or maybe Sweat Pea wanted to find the one thing Nurse Boy would cry over not having a credit card for.