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Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Baby Is Growing Up

Mrs. Nurse Boy here.
Our little Sweet Pea is growing up! It is bittersweet for me. She is our last baby. We are really happy with the size of our family, but there is something about the last baby's milestones. First, she sat up. Then she crawled. Next, she walked. Then she RAN. Don't even get me started on her speech. I can hardly get a word in edge wise. She has been such a delight for our entire family! I love that both of the boys still remember our life without her. I think it makes them appreciate her and love her even more. God gave us her name long before she was born. It means "whole or complete" and she has definitely completed our family. She, as are the boys, is such a wonderful gift from God.
I have found myself both wanting her to become more independent AND wanting her to remain my baby. This last month, she has really grown up before my eyes. She is potty training and doing really well. We still have a few accidents every now and again, but she is so proud of herself. My heart melts every time she goes potty on the toilet and flashes her big blue eyes at me saying, "I a big girl, Mommy!"
This weekend she moved out of the crib into a "big girl bed." She was soooooo proud. Not to mention CUTE!!!
I mean, who can resist this smile?!
This weekend, when we were out, Sweet Pea and I ran to a public bathroom together. First, she got on the toilet and went potty. Next, I told her it was Mommy's turn. Afterwards, she was just as delighted for me as she was for herself. She smiled and said,"You did it, Mommy! You a big girl! Good job!" She made me laugh. So, we washed our hands and rewarded ourselves with an M&M. Mine was blue, hers was yellow.

My Sweet Pea is growing up.............

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Nurse Boy said...

That is the cutest picture of my little angel in her big girl bed. That makes my heart melt! Oh, and where were those smiles yesterday durring the family photos?